Timo Heavy Duty Shower Trolley

Product no: 155030HD
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Product details

The Electric Timo Heavy Duty Shower boasts a 300kg safe working load, currently the highest in the Timo UK range.

It also comes with an extra wide comfort top section which allows carers to manoeuvre larger clients with ease when bathing or carrying out personal care.

Standard features include
  • Coated drop down safety rails
  • Central locking brake system
  • Extended flexi hose
  • Soft vinyl liner in blue
  • Pillow
  • Adjustable headrest
  • 300kg safe working load
  • 12 month warranty included

Heavy duty lifting capacity

The lifting capacity of the Heavy Duty Trolley is the highest of our entire (Heavy Duty) Trolley range, coming in at an impressive 300kg safe working load. Ideal for larger clients or in instances where carers may have to lean onto the platform while client is in situ to perform personal care, dressing or sling fitting.

Heavy duty locking castors

Central locking castor system gives both user and carer peace of mind when the product is in use.

Drop down rails

The coated drop down rails allow carers full access to the user when changing or performing personal care.

Flexi hose

The extendable Flexi Hose – included as standard with all Trolleys is used to drain away water quickly and prevents spillage.

Drainage channels

These help whisk away water quickly to the plug hole and ensures a quick drainage time.