Timo Hydraulic Shower Trolley With Adjustable Backrest

Product no: 150010
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Product details

The Timo Hydraulic Shower Trolley with backrest adjustment as standard, combines modern technology and design to enable easy bathing for both patients and carers. Adjustable in height by means of an easy to use foot pedal and hydraulic cylinder and 30 degrees hydraulic backrest adjustment.

The standard adjustable trolley comes with
  • Coated drop down safety rails
  • 30 degree adjustable backrest as standard
  • vinyl mattress and pillow
  • Central locking brake system with directional brake steer as standard
  • Available with blue coloured top
  • 200kg safe working load
  • 12 month warranty included

Adjustable backrest

The Adjustable Backrest is ideal for users who find lying in a supine position has a detrimental effect on their breathing or find lying flat uncomfortable for long periods of time. The easy to use adjustment mechanism alters the angle of the backrest with just the squeeze of a lever.

Quick action foot pump

The foot pump allows the carer to increase and decrease the height easily and quickly without the need for bending or stooping down.

Flexi hose

The extendable Flexi Hose – included as standard with all Trolleys is used to drain away water quickly and prevents spillage.

Drop down rails

The coated drop down rails allow carers full access to the user when changing or performing personal care.

Drainage plug

The removable plug allows the user to have a shallow bath in a safe comfortable environment.