Product details

The High Low Paediatric Shower Trolley now has the smallest length and width in the Timo UK range, making it ideal for use with children, or in areas of limited space.

Its padded vinyl liner makes for a safe and comfortable environment and the range of standard features allow carers to carry out changing and personal care with ease.

Standard features include
  • Coated drop down safety rails
  • Central locking brake system
  • Extended flexi hose
  • Soft vinyl liner in blue
  • Pillow
  • Adjustable headrest
  • 12 month warranty included

Shorter length ideal for limited space

The Shorter length of the Paediatric Trolley means it is perfect for use in (Children’s Trolley) settings such as schools, day centres or bathrooms that have limited space. It is ideal for Children and Small Adults as the shorter length prevents the user moving down the Trolley and losing any beneficial positioning.

Three position brake bar

The easy to use brake bar sits in 3 positions, neutral, allowing the wheels to move freely and independently, Directional (up) which locks the castors in the direction they are facing, ideal for long corridors and Locked (down) which brakes each castor individually, holding the Trolley/ Plinth firmly in place.

Battery pack

Each electric trolley or wall mount comes complete with a battery pack and charging station.

One handed control

The ergonomically designed hand control sits comfortably in the operators hand and is simple to operate.

Drainage channels

These help whisk away water quickly to the plug hole and ensures a quick drainage time.